Our services

For art lovers

ART van der brugge GmbH specializes in the delivery and installation of fine art
in private homes and at the workplace. We offer a large collection of original art
as well as art posters to choose from.
Works can be presented at the client’s home or office and tested during a couple
of days. Free of charge and obligations.

We are active in:
- sales and rental of paintings, sculptures, photo's and graphic art
- supply of art posters and reproductions
- framing service, installation and hanging of works
- organization of exhibitions, art projects and workshops
- coordination of tailor-made art commissions

We also assist organisations with the management of their art collection.
In order to make maximum use of your works we offer support in the following areas:
- hanging and changing of the pieces in your workspaces
- storage and maintenance, framing and repairing
- organization of art events and exhibitions
- documentation and administration of your collection
- development and management of a central database (e.g. Intranet)

For artists

Art van der Brugge wants to connect artists and art lovers.
We are constantly extending our network with artists, publishers and owners,
locally and internationally.
We cooperate with people who wish to sell art to the market, but don’t want to
occupy themselves with sales and marketing.

Bringing your work to the market in cooperation with Art van der Brugge
is easy and risk-free. There is no fee, contribution or investment required.
We’ll ask you to make your work available and send us a photo with specifications
and your biography. We’ll put this information in our database and on our web site.
We don't need your work in advance!

Art van der Brugge will do all sales and marketing:
Internet and publicity, promotion, exhibitions, acquisition and sales.
Your commitment is: deliver quality work. We will charge a commission as soon as
a work is rented or sold.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact us by telephone:
+41 (0)41 758 28 51 or e-mail.
We are looking forward to your call!