The interest for art is increasing. More and more people appreciate the ambiance
that a well chosen piece brings to the room. Something different than the usual
poster, calendar or picture that is occupying the wall.
Art brings variety; it’s inspiring and refreshing. A work of art is original and personal,
as it reveals something of our personality. A well chosen piece of art can beautify
your home or workspace and bring the atmosphere that you wish to provide.
It can make a good impression on clients, colleagues, neighbours and friends.
Art is for sale everywhere. It’s the sheer amount and variety that makes the choice
so difficult. Often, one does not have the time nor the inspiration to make the right
choices. We want to help you in making your choice.
There are many artists creating excellent works. Nevertheless, their art remains unknown to the wider public. We see it as our role to support artists and bring their work to the market as well as help art lovers find what they are looking for.
Because art is not everybody's daily business, we’d like to offer you professional
advise. If you wish to buy or rent art for your home or business, we can help you.

Renting art?
The advantages and benefits:
• You can take your time and see if the artwork fits and really
meets with your expectations. You can discuss your choice with your
friends, family or colleagues.
• If you are not satisfied with the work, you can simply exchange it
• If you want to keep the work after the rental period, you have the
option to purchase.
• Renting art is convenient and practical if you like to change
pieces frequently.
• You will improve the atmosphere of your meeting room, office or
home and create lasting impressions.
• We offer tailor-made proposals and solutions. Selection of works
and consultancy can take place at your home or office.
• If you don’t want to invest a lot of money directly, you’ll appreciate
the flexibility of the modest monthly rental fee
• Be original, give art as a present, incentive or promotional gift
• Improve your reputation, become a sponsor of art and artists!

For companies this is a great way to gain media attention and publicity

Art van der Bugge is looking forward to helping you bring art, variety
and beauty into your environment.